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Website Design for smaller businesses and startups

Web design services for small businessWeb design services for small business in South Africa is a whirlwind market. It’s both a challenge and an opportunity for a web design agency and business owner to work towards a satisfactory goal. Small business owners are looking for valued partnerships when engaging with website design agencies. The test, however, is in finding the right partner who understand your vision, your goal. You’re looking for someone you can trust.

The value of creating a website is more than just showing your presence and product offering. It’s also more than extending your services. For smaller size businesses and startups, a well-crafted website is vital to the livelihood of your business, especially when you are just starting out with few-to-no customers. Perhaps you’ve taken the initiative of mustering all your creativity to design the perfect website site yourself, yet, you still feel it’s not quite right. You are not showing in the search pages of Google or Bing and you are not getting any leads.

Here are four points to consider when planning your web design solution for your business:


1.    What you need to know when considering a website design service for your business

Loads of designers are at your disposal. Choosing a web designer will not be easy. In the South African market, you will have to compare one against another. Sometimes, choosing an apparently superior agent is not essentially the best option. Some larger agency’s put their best work forward to show off their skills but if they are busy, getting your site done takes priority over getting the website right. Make sure that they understand your every requirement and get hold of the person who takes personal responsibility for designing your website. Also, test the smaller agency. Pay attention to their work portfolio and measure them against others in price, professionalism, work effort, and passion for reaching your goals. See if they understand your needs and if they are willing to walk the extra mile with you. Ask a lot of questions.


2.    How to find the right website designers

One of the best ways to find the right designers is to ask others around you. We all have our own network of friends, family and business allies. Let them help you find a website designer who helped them greatly with their website. Take the time to learn what your competitors’ websites show and do, and what you like about their websites. Compile a list from what you’ve learned about your competitors’ websites and write it down; this will show you what you need to discuss with the website designer for your own goals. Evaluate whether the website designers can offer you similar results.


3.    Is it worth the investment?

How many times do people ask you if you have a website they can visit to see your product offering? Customers actively searching the internet for your particular product or service are more likely to convert to solid leads than readers of magazines, for example. Often potential customers don’t run after you when you cold call them; quite the opposite, really. They will search for a need when they need it. Bottom line. Fast pace living calls for instant results: The client needs a solution, for which you have the desired answer on display at your website address. Google’s job is to make sure the client finds the solution. Your job is the offer the solution to the customer. Your website’s job is to act on your behalf while you handle other matters. The cost of a website averages from R2,000.00 – R20,000.00. The entry-level plans normally include nothing more than a landing page which could essentially be used for running Google ads. Larger websites are better for long term investment due to the vast amount of content available for customers. Google prefers websites with lots of content that is relevant to your market. Your website is an essential step in the right direction for starting a business or to breathe new life into a rusty business.


4. Web design services for small business: price options

Hiring an effective website design agency with a stamp of approval for their proficiency could feel like you’re emptying your pockets. This remains a challenge for some agencies. GluePages has considered this hurdle small businesses face and has come up with a practical solution that will offer more than just a finished website. We now offer professional websites contracted into your maintenance plan. Staring from R250pm, you can have your website complete within the first month, backed by our team of specialists who will perform regular updates for your website.  Furthermore, we have flexible contracts in place that will offer you more ways to kick start new growth with an added SEO package.


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