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Make your business stand out with our professional website design and graphic designing services.


We are passionate about your online success.

GluePages started as a sideline company. But over the last couple of years we have grown to a trailblazing business ready to meet the demands of our customers. The power of online marketing complemented our skills with design which lead us to the name, GluePages. We decided to help businesses glue two major components of marketing into one power tool:

  1. Power of design
  2. Power of ranking high on search engines

We have come to appreciate the uniqueness of each client and focus on customising for your distinctive needs.

We aren’t happy with our creation until you are.

GluePages offers their web design and online marketing services from Johannesburg, South Africa. There is a great need for small to medium-size businesses and GluePages can help. We connect your company with potential customers through online professional design services. We bring new life to any monotonous situation in online business.

Over the last several years, South Africa has dramatically inclined towards a focus on digital marketing, with businesses almost wholly dependent on the Internet to produce new business and growth. This calls for careful consideration in order to survive today’s economy. A well-implemented website offers the potential client the ability to explore your services and products, but more so, the website should be compelling, to persuade the potential buyer that your business is worth the inquiry.

It sounds easy enough, and there are now many companies and sole proprietors offering web services. In our experience, however, we have seen many fruitless websites, with weak structure, impractical SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, and poor image reflection, making it difficult to gain new business.

GluePages is your One-Stop-Solution for Professional Branding, Design and Development Services.

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