Website Design

You have three seconds to grab the attention of a visitor to your website. They will decide if it’s visually appealing within 1/20th – 1/50th of a second. You need the best, most engaging website for you to compete in the marketplace today. GluePages will give you that

We focus on structure for your website

We will ensure that your website captures the gaze of your viewers. It will be simple, elegant and will minimise cognitive load (the amount of effort needed to focus on an item). All of these factors will produce well-designed websites that your customers and clients will enjoy and value visiting. The sites we design are easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and appealing to the user group of your brand.

Our clients’ websites connect with users on a positive emotional level. Associating your website with this positive experience will make them remember your brand.  It will encourage them to visit again. And they are likely to recommend that experience to friends and colleagues.

We Bring Value To Your Company


Our website design services showcase elegant and well presented websites.


All our websites are build in adherence of search engine compliance and ranking factors.


Every user situation is different. GluePages offers flexible payment terms based on your budget.


We design websites which look and feel current and innovative.


Connect your website with social media to reach the widest possible customer base.


Users trust companies with easy-to-use websites more than those with clunky functionality on their sites.

Responsive Website Design - Mobile Ready

All websites need to be designed to preserve your layout across multiple platforms. Today’s web browsers use a variety of devices, including tablets, phones and desktops. User trust and engagement can be lost if browsing on a notebook is a pleasure, but a headache on a phone or tablet. GluePages websites are always mobile-compliant and integrated into social media. Our aim is to remove as many points of user frustration as possible. The good news is that all our websites are mobile-ready and responsive. This will ensure an easy and pleasurable experience on your website from the home page to check out. We aim to foster trust and fidelity in the visitors to your website. These increase the chances of return visits, which can grow into regular traffic.

Meet Our Clients

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Need a redo?

Let us redesign
your old website

We are also equipped to redesign websites. Redesigning dated or ineffective websites can be very beneficial. There are reported redesigns that have been shown to increase revenue and duration of visits by over 40%. Conversion rates have been shown to increase by over 13%. They can lower bounce rates by over 20%. All this was accomplished by using proven techniques of web design. We want to make sure that your website is working from the moment it’s live  every page and every link. The earliest traffic must become regular traffic.