Online Marketing

The greatest website is of no value unless people are seeing it! We will ensure you move up in the ranks until your site is readily appearing in common searches.

Why Choose GluePages as your digital marketing partner?

The term “Graphic Design” was first used in 1922. Today it is an indispensable aspect of successful marketing. It is the art and science of producing visual content, which communicates specific messages. You need your brand and products to be recognized and experienced in a single moment. Whether the design of a business card or a book cover, your essence has to be communicated to everyone who sees it in an instant.


We will ensure you move up in the ranks until your site is readily appearing in common searches.


We can help you place the right ad in the right spot to appeal to your optimum demographic of web users.


Boost your company’s brand, recognistion and sales by working with popular social media sites. Go where the customers are!

Brand Identity – Your Website

Brand identity is the first step in securing a successful online marketing campaign. Before you can engage in any online marketing strategy, your brand needs to be recognizable to the consumer. Your website is the main platform for driving your brand forward on the internet. Your logo and the portrayal of your business define its identity. GluePages takes great care to build your brand with unique design and exceptional quality.

SEM Search Engine Marketing

What is SEM (search engine marketing)? It’s paid adverting, systematised through pay-per-click engagement. It is also the most effective strategy you can use to place your product or service in front of eager buyers. There are various types of paid ads to choose from. The most common form of paid advertising is a text ad that displays at the top of the first page of internet search results. Visual ads are a great way to show off products that will capture the buyer’s attention and increase your chances of conversion over the competition. GluePages offers Search Engine Marketing services which result in higher numbers of lead generation and customer engagement with your product.
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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

An SEO plan is a complete website maintenance and website improvement programme that will result in better ranking on major search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is the task of identifying your current position on e.g., Google, for a specific keyword and then optimising the website for better rankings. We investigate monthly searches on keywords which are relevant to your business offering. We then identify keyword difficulty (how difficult would it be to reach the first page of Google for that keyword). Finally, we create the necessary content that will optimise the website for that related keyword. Keywords are the primary focus. Keyword research is the cornerstone for optimising your website for improved rankings. GluePages specialises in SEO services that will improve overall rankings, guaranteed.

Website Structure

The architecture of the website is a vital part for effective online marketing success. When we design the website, we take into account the following essential points that will make sure your website complies to the search engines for better ranking, and also make it a better user experience for website visitors:
website Homepage
Website Navigation
Website Content
Website links
Social Media

Managing social media platforms can be a daunting task for business owners who need to focus on fundamental objectives: service delivery and customer satisfaction. Social media is important for building your brand identity, but also for increased rankings. If you have more Facebook likes than your competitor for instance, then chances are good that Google will rank you higher — many are ignorant to its importance for online marketing. GluePages take care of your social media needs and help to increase followers.

We build a homepage which acts as the hub for all your content. The structure contains a distinct navigation menu, expressive images, engaging sales copy, videos if available, a header and a footer, testimonials, and other components which add value for the user.

Visitors want to find what they are looking without putting up a fight to do so! Setting up a clear and easy navigation menu is imperative. We incorporate “breadcrumbs” to help visitors know where they are on the website and allow them to see a trail of clickable links to backtrack to other pages.

GluePages specialises in writing services that transfer well over the internet. Google’s algorithms are set up to search for excellent content that is easy to read, relevant to the website, relevant to the URL, and relevant to the topic at hand. We aim to follow the guidelines provided by major search engines when writing quality content for your website. We also aim to write well-researched content that grabs attention and is useful to visitors.

Backlinks remain an important factor for increasing your rankings and improving your online marketing. Quality link building is not an easy task, however. Earning quality links derives from building a creative company blog that reaches out to your applicable community. GluePages prioritises building external links to other authoritative websites with explicated relevance and also internal links that drive correlation with other pages.