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Two simple tips to ramp up online marketing for your business

You decided to get a website for your business. Great job! You have opened your business up to a massive new audience.

But, this doesn’t guarantee the best results. Having a site isn’t the same as having a professional, productive digital marketing strategy.

Is your website translating to good business leads? If not, you may be running ten years behind today’s effective digital marketing trends. Have a look at these two simple points and see if there are any areas where you need to improve.

1. Make sure your website competes in today’s market

I was on a website recently (no names mentioned here), and it was an awful experience. The site had a confusing interface. It was impossible to engage with the site in an easy, user-friendly way. Frustrating! On top of this, the colours were hard on the eyes, and the relevant links lay buried in an unattractive ream of text. It felt like the site was from 1997, not 2017.

Here is the quickest way to lose the attention of your customers: Have an unprofessional, unattractive website. Add features that are difficult to navigate and use.

Let’s look at the right way to do it. Rather start by checking out your competitor’s sites. Pick one or two that are outstanding. Now try to beat these websites in presentation and user-friendliness. Think outside the box if need be. You will be on the pathway to success.

2. Make sure your website is easy to find

If you have overcome the first point, that’s great. It means you have a fantastic-looking site that does exactly what it’s supposed to. That is, it would do what it’s supposed to, if you ever had any traffic on the site! It doesn’t help to have the best site on the web if no-one can find the home page. This is where good digital marketing principles come in beyond creating a website.

You ought to give attention to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In basic terms, this means getting search engines to like your page and list it early on in web searches. Especially Google. Fresh, well-written content and blog posts can help. Also up-to-date links, integration with social media websites, and good user interaction.

You could invest your own time and money into SEO. Yet, many companies prefer to hand this over to a professional. A reputable digital marketing professional can save you the time and get you a better return on your investment in the long run.

Remember, a good listing on Google is currency! So it’s worth taking care to consider, and budget for, how you will get there.



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